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SoloNav Extracting information from open Government datasets can be a frustrating and overwhelming process. Data analysists and researchers spend more than 80% of their time trying to find accessible, reliable and up-to-date resources (Quora, 2018). Issues with the current open sources data ...

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Data Science for Everyone

In the last decade, terabytes of information has been collected from various industries, not to mention historical data that has been collected for many decades. Organizations seem to be unsure of how they wish to use this data however, in the questions they wish to ask and the visualizations the...

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Point Cook has been one of the fastest growing suburbs in Australia, but has limited bus coverage. This is similar case across multiple areas in Wyndham and other growth areas across Victoria. PTV revises bus routes and introduces new routes on a regular basis, but the coverage of bus routes for ...

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Crashboard is an interactive dashboard designed to take the guesswork out of decision making when local and state governments invest into road safety upgrades. Crashboard assists key decision makers in making data-driven decisions based on the identification of crash hotspots in varying weather a...

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Casey's Blood on the Road

An attempt to find an amazeballs solution for Casey's Crash problems

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Project Road

# Project ##The problem Vicroads manages approximately 23,000 kilometres of arterial road network across Victoria, which is worth over $20 billion. Imagine the maintenance upkeep for such an infrastructure. Current systems involve periodic inspections of roads. The current process for this...

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Save life with data

Intent of this project is to help Australian medical society.This works by collecting different types of medical data and generating insight of the medical situation location wise and helping them to arrive at intelligent solution.

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This project is to compare the traffic data of Casey council and compare it against another suburb of similar demography and growth within Victoria and accordingly provide insights. By this, the purpose is to prepare, prevent and progressively reduce the accidents in Casey roads.

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