Casey Movers and Shakers Award

Jurisdiction: Victoria

How can we better target investment into road safety and network improvements in the City of Casey?

This challenge is aimed at using open data to gain a better understanding of current road safety trends and the relationship between transport network performance and road safety in the City of Casey.
Data could be used to query, analyse and visualise:

  • Road safety patterns in City of Casey and the comparison to other local government areas.
  • Correlations between road safety and network performance (such as volume/capacity ratio index).
  • Correlation of different crash factors (such as weather, road geometry, age) vs road congestion.
  • Comparison to other Growth Area Councils for correlation of crash patterns and network performance

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Team 193 - Data Science for Everyone
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as.numeric - Crashboard
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The Kwelamen - Casey's Blood on the Road
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Insight Hackers - SoloNav
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Federation University - Project Road
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CaseyTransformers - SafeCasey
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Wynners - Wynbus
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Team 273 - Save life with data
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