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Make Melbourne Great Again

OzBusiness is a web application that provides small business owners and entrepreneurs a platform to easily find a suitable area to establish their business. Using various sources of data, OzBusiness filters out any unfitting areas for the user's particular requirements leaving behind the best opt...

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EasyBuzz Parking

Our project aims to make it easier for and organisations (specifically the ATO) to target underutilized locations to set up their business (or tax help centre).

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The Next Busker

Buskers have been part of cityscapes for centuries with many governments embracing them as a cultural asset. They play a role in making our city more vibrant and lively and are strongly supported by the community. However, busking isn't always as easy when there are: 1. Strict regulations (...

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Our idea is to organise various demographics of each suburbs, such as crime rate, nbn availability, ease of transit, that can influence people to buy (or rent) properties. The aim is to display the markers on the map which makes it easier for the user to compare various suburbs and plan their inv...

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Marauders App

Melbourne's population is growing with a bold prediction to surpass 5 million by 2021 and past 8 million by 2050. The focus is currently on transport systems such as rail and road, but what about foot traffic? <br> The Marauders App is a crowd-sourced application that connects everyday explor...

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Car park unknown.

Car park unknown. aims to use parking sensor data as a springboard to determine in real-time where parking violations are occurring in the Melbourne CBD. It also assists the public by helping drivers to locate a free car park based on the historical data from the last 4 years. We have designed a...

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EnVisible City

The problem: How to engage communities and citizens to experience quantitative and qualitative data on the tangible and sensory aspects of a city during different times? What makes a city a great place in which to live, work and relax? Sophisticated metrics have been developed on the compon...

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There are two types of end users will use our solution, the business owner can use our mobile app to find the place to start a new business or grow the existing business. The government can access to the web portal to see the where are the least business growth places in the country, the AI will ...

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Objective: Engaging with local community through playful visualisation of (geo-located) city data as parametric interactive abstract faces. Developing a mobile AR (Augmented Reality) app with two modes, where ‘Mode 1’ will be - translating city data as a parametric face of the city (neighborh...

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The aim of this application is to help startups pick the best place to start their new business, or franchises to pick the best place to create a new branch. The app will show an interactive map, which the new business creator can explore, and it’ll give them the information relevant to their new...

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