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Melbourne's population is growing with a bold prediction to surpass 5 million by 2021 and past 8 million by 2050.
The focus is currently on transport systems such as rail and road, but what about foot traffic?

The Marauders App is a crowd-sourced application that connects everyday explorers together.

The Marauders App is an interactive map where explorers can create alerts for disruptive events like footpath closures due to nearby construction or social events like street festivals.

By using the Marauders App, you can choose to avoid foot traffic if you're in a rush or embrace the path with the most foot traffic to feel safer walking home late at night.
Explorers can also quickly search for nearby public facilities at the end of their fingertips and give ratings to share their experiences with fellow explorers!

Not only will explorers benefit but Government bodies can use the Marauders App to:
- Alert explorers ahead of time of potential events and ease or divert the congestion of foot traffic.
- Send emergency response teams to respond to accidents alerted by explorers
- Using the ratings given by explorers, Government bodies can easily determine where funding should be allocated to further improve public facilities.

Being connected and feeling safe has never been easier. The possibilities are endless with the Marauders App!

Data Story

The City of Melbourne has provided us with many geolocation based data sets of the city's various facilities, amenities, structures, and artwork. Our app allows these data to be shown in one central and convenient application. This enriches the explorer's experience and enables them to better tour our city. Additionally, users can provide feedback and reviews through the app itself. This crowdsourced data can help the government improve decision making and help them to target issues that people are voicing by providing them a mechanism to communicate back to the government.

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Team DataSets

Public artworks, fountains and monuments

Description of Use To allow users to explore various public art work, fountains and monuments located within the city.

Data Set

Trees, with species and dimensions (Urban Forest)

Description of Use To enable users to explore Melbourne's trees throughout the city

Data Set

Public Toilets

Description of Use To show location of public toilets throughout the city and mark which ones are wheelchair-accessible

Data Set

Buildings with name, age, size, accessibility, and bicycle facilities

Description of Use To show, on a map if facilities have mobility support

Data Set

Street furniture including bollards, bicycle rails, bins, drinking fountains, horse troughs, planter boxes, seats, barbecues

Description of Use To show location and information of street furniture throughout Melbourne

Data Set

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