Navigating construction disruption - A City For People

Jurisdiction: Victoria

This challenge aims to ease the ability for people to plan and navigate walking routes through the city.

The temporary pedestrian routes established to accommodate construction activities are often difficult to use for people requiring mobility support. These zones usually do not have the surfaces, ease of street-to-footpath transition or navigational support normally found in footpath/street areas. Streetscapes are also often crowded at different times of the day.

Eligibility: The winning entry will: * Allow users to plan to move effectively through the city (and to avoid congestion). * Use at least one City of Melbourne Open Dataset

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in Victoria.

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Saturday 12pm Lock In Checkpoint

The Interesting Company - Vic Navi

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Codefefe - Marauders App

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JellyBeanTesters - SafeCity

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Saturday 5pm Lock In Checkpoint

Team 41 - Ctrl-Access

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Unlucky Magician - Car park unknown.

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Sunday 12pm Lock In Checkpoint

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Sunday 5pm Lock In Checkpoint

In time - Boundless connections

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