Jurisdiction: New South Wales

How can open data be used to make a social impact, contributing to the betterment of society? How can we improve prospects for children, and education, using open data? What sort of impact can be made on homelessness, mental health outcomes, or the environment, using open data?

Data for Good is a movement that began in the US and has spread globally, Altis are looking to put a spotlight on this movement in Australia and encourage more individuals and organisations to get involved through sharing their expertise and or data.

Data for Good, simply put, is a way for people to contribute to the betterment of society using their expertise in data science. Our aim is to empower social change by making data speak more clearly to those making decisions.

We are looking for our award to be focused on using data to make a social impact on either a national or global scale. The social aspect could be broadly around the community generally, around children and education or the environment.

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in New South Wales.

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