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J.A.G (Job And Growth) is a project designed around making sense of employment and higher education data. The project creates a visualisation in the form of an infographic for the viewer based on the selected State\Territory and\or industry.

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Big Backyard

Big Backyard is a map-app that will allow people travelling around Australia to make use of open data to locate information about attractions at ever-changing locations that are not captured by standard platforms like TripAdvisor. Map your route on the app, then select “what’s near me” to see n...

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CrowdQuests is a game which has quests and missions to encourage physical activity and learning about points of interests. The quests are designed for: &nbsp;<br/> * Learning about locations * Crowdsourcing data updates * Crowdsourcing new information * Knowledge about problems * Encourag...

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Geoffrey, Your Friendly Property Safety Adviser ChatBot

So…you have decided to buy a house! What a great idea So you think you know what risks are involved? That’s where you are wrong! What about all the potential disasters you can’t foresee?….well now you can, with Geoffrey your friendly property safety advisor! He’s the friendly no-fuss bot th...

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Migration Blues

The Migration Blues project aims to convert Australian Bureau of Statistics data into a visual and audio format, i.e. to represent numbers by color and notes. Senses were developed earlier than analytical abilities during the evolution process. As such, the communication with humans via senses i...

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Hacking fish

Tasmania has Australia's best marine resources, not only a beautiful landscape but also a variety of fish resources. Although fishing enthusiast knows where the best place for fishing, the ordinary person does not know about this kind of information. Tasmania is very popular fishing destination...

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Deep sea fishing is always challenging. Without experience and proper knowledge, many fishermen might toil the whole day without success. TARU can predict best fishing locations for commercial deep sea fishermen based on weather, solunar (Solar and Lunar) data, satellite images, and sea temperatu...

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