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Big Backyard is a map-app that will allow people travelling around Australia to make use of open data to locate information about attractions at ever-changing locations that are not captured by standard platforms like TripAdvisor. Map your route on the app, then select “what’s near me” to see
native animals (devils, penguins, platypus), walking tracks, food vans, and street art in the vicinity.

The app will tell you how long to get there, and what you will see. But the mobile, ever-moving nature of these attractions mean that you may not be able to locate the best exact location to find the photo-op you are hunting. So, the app allows people to upload pin-drops of their sightings location and photos.

This information is overlaid with the data with official sources like government, university and commercial project data. But as a bonus, the app provides an opportunity to capture information that is not ordinarily available with open source data – to capture more of the story – by providing the information crowdsourced from tourists and members of the community back to these original data sources.

When out in the field you can use the AR app to see where others have seen the attractions you are hunting for and the data they have collected in the field.

Importantly, it also helps preserve natural heritage fauna hotspots so that locals and tourists alike can continue to have access to see our beautiful wildlife and natural attractions for years to come.
Commercially; in Tasmania alone there were a total of 1.28 million people visiting the state last year and visitors spent a total of $2.37 billion on accommodation, attractions, tours, transport and other good and services during this period. We forecast conservatively capturing 1% of the market, at $1 per download representing $128,000 turnover per annum with low ongoing overheads. Now apply that commercial turnover to a national landscape, AND with increasing yearly download growth target of 10% downloads within 3 years. Now we’re talking!
Big Backyard will appeal to people who:
* are looking for a natural eco-tourism discovery experience in Tasmania
* are seeking low/no-cost activities to supplement their more expensive holiday experiences
* enjoy adventure travelling, and the opportunity to discover natural wildlife experiences
* enjoy exploring new places off the beaten track
* want to incorporate recreation, bush walking, nature and exercise into their holiday experience
* promotes accessible, free exercise opportunities by providing destination activities for groups such as cardio rehabilitation and mental well-being instead of walking around the same familiar suburban block.

*This app will motivate users through push notification to propel residents of our community to get outside and explore.

* enables children to develop interest in and learn about our environment and for schools to integrate into curriculum.
* data uploads will also assist government to understand the habits of visitors to specific areas which may need formal infrastructure like tracks and viewing barriers to better protect them and the environment as visitor numbers grow. This information will be particularly useful in remote areas where ongoing updates may be difficult to source.
* will provide information to help preserve our natural heritage through investing in and protecting the most loved and visited places for the benefit of generations to come.

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Data Story

The Big Backyard map-app uses open source data from Penguin colonies, platypus burrows, rapture nest, shark hot spots, walking tracks, biking tracks, urban art walls, waterfalls, fire trails and The List then overlay that with open Esri base maps and routing services. As an additional input we crowdsource similar data about these categories from locals and tourists to create an energy, urgency and excitement around our urban and natural environment.

Locals and tourists can find and can then visit unique highlights nearby including native animal (devils, wombats, platypus), walking tracks, food vans and street art!

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Mobile Food Vendors proposed

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City of Hobart Playground Locations

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Description of Use transposed data form this site to creat GIS data of sight location

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Raptor Nest

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The List

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walking track

Description of Use POI for near by talks

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Route data

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Art walls

Description of Use base council info

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Bike Path

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