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Our Place

Our Place is a virtual mural that has been created with data collated from various data sets. The aim is to create a reflection of individual community issues such as homelessness, littering, air pollution and even the possibility of disasters and the communities resilience can be displayed. T...

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Trash Talk

Trash Talk is an attractive, innovative and interactive smart rubbish disposal unit, designed to address the needed culture change that will lead us into an advanced, pristine and sustainable future. Trash Talk displays a fitted digital LCD that educates and prompts communities to use and sort wa...

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Littering is an issue that every Australian is aware of, and yet it continues to be a problem despite the millions of dollars spent in clean up costs each year. Alitternation is a web application powered by government data that aims to give Australians both the knowledge and motivation to cl...

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Project 67

Using machine learning skills to mine useful patterns related to litter management from open data source, which can help government and relevant department to take measures.

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Team Go Get It

Using technology to help prevent litter and make less fast food packaging going to landfill. Software is a prototype that currently works on any android phone OS version > 4.4. As a proof of concept.

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Clean city

We are designing an app that combines spatial information about several sorts of waste management facilities in one easily accessible spot on your phone. The app inlcudes the location of: - publically accessible bins (green, recycling and landfill) - publically accessible toilets - bin collec...

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An interactive gps app to locate rubbish bins located near the user of the app. The app is made to be interactive and fun to use to promote an intentional focus on cleaning the environment. Features include; bin locations relative to user position, data about the use of bins, educational content,...

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# The Problem Waste disposal is a difficult problem in our cities and towns that have to balance a delicate relationship between necessity, environmental impacts, and costs. One of the major costs in the recycling programs provided by state and local governments is the cost of sorting non-recycl...

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Trash 4 Cash

A gamified way to clean up rubbish (litter). This app is part of an initiative to get people to pick up rubbish and clean up.

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Little Rubbish

Given the enormous problem of fast food packaging being littered all over Queensland, in our parks, streets, forests, waterways, beaches and oceans: this is causing enormous damage to our environment and health of our communities, as well as costing us millions of dollars in clean-up costs. Ou...

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Project Arc

##Problem brief Pollution is still a prevalent issue surrounding the seas and oceans of Australia. In order to help better the protection of the ecosystem, the ability to predict major flow of waste will help maximise the efficiency of waste removal. ##Solution A forecasting engine, which al...

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Project 4680

Community solution that reduces litter, creates healthier communities and increases regional development.

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“Responder” is a community platform (website) that connects the members of the community to help each other in a disaster and facilitates to coordinate efforts from NGOs and government. Data is used for preparing for a disaster, acting efficiently when is happening, and learning from it to build...

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Litter in the waterways poster

This poster was created to educate children on why they should not litter as it can travel through our waterways and destroy the oceans and beaches.

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disintergrating wrappers

it is about how we could stop littering with wrappers that disintergrate.

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Litter Race

Make the guy throw the rubbish in the bin by pressing the space key.

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