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EnVisible City

The problem: How to engage communities and citizens to experience quantitative and qualitative data on the tangible and sensory aspects of a city during different times? What makes a city a great place in which to live, work and relax? Sophisticated metrics have been developed on the compon...

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Project 323

Effective waste containment in Wyndham

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SoloNav Extracting information from open Government datasets can be a frustrating and overwhelming process. Data analysists and researchers spend more than 80% of their time trying to find accessible, reliable and up-to-date resources (Quora, 2018). Issues with the current open sources data ...

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Point Cook has been one of the fastest growing suburbs in Australia, but has limited bus coverage. This is similar case across multiple areas in Wyndham and other growth areas across Victoria. PTV revises bus routes and introduces new routes on a regular basis, but the coverage of bus routes for ...

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Our Envrionmental Impact

# Our Environmental Impact ![Our Environmental Impact Logo](https://cdn.rawgit.com/edwr/Our-Environmental-Impact/dc8f7514/src/icon.png) A project for Govhack 2018 that analyses the impact we have on the environment using open data to help aid in decision making.

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BinChicken - Making Australia Clean Again

## The problem: Over time, Australia has seen waste generation increase, but recycling stagnate. This has significant impacts on the environment - and cost of service. The cost per tonne for kerbside waste handling is twice as high for garbage as it is for recyclables.We have also found in our d...

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Your Local Council

Based the large number of free wi-fi hotspots (either at train stations, or at council locations) across Melbourne, this presents a unique opportunity to present those who connect with a data-driven story available in multiple languages. Given the geo-location of available wi-fi hotspots, user...

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My Local School

*Smarter school zones for connected communities* **My Local School** uses open data and open source software to generate alternative school intake zones. These zones are cohesive community regions that take into account the freeways, busy roads, railway lines and other barriers to travel. H...

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This project aims to reduce misconceptions about migrant groups in the age of social media by letting communities tell their stories complemented by facts.

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Objective: Engaging with local community through playful visualisation of (geo-located) city data as parametric interactive abstract faces. Developing a mobile AR (Augmented Reality) app with two modes, where ‘Mode 1’ will be - translating city data as a parametric face of the city (neighborh...

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The Papa Project - Helping Oldies be Goldies

How can we help councils work through opportunities brought about by the growing population in Australia? In 2016-17 $17.4billion was spent by governments on aged care however people and their family in this senior age range often are unaware of all the services and programs available to them. ...

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Project Foothpath

Preparing footpath to be future ready and to automate the manual maintenance process.

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MyGov Connect

An expanded concept of the MyGov platform. MyGov Connect, would promote users to engage in government and local council endorsed services. These services would be provided with an accreditation to inform users of this endorsement. Furthermore, use of these services will users to accrue loyalty po...

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Growing Wyndham may witness huge growth in citizens living alone or aged persons above age of 65 years. Our project analyse this situation and gives an IOT & telecare based smart home solution to address such issues

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This project is to analyse Wyndham's traffic data related to accidents. The project is to provide insights to the given data and provide probability of likelihood of accidents across different parameters. The purpose is to enable Wyndham to prepare, prevent and progressively eliminate the acciden...

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