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Based the large number of free wi-fi hotspots (either at train stations, or at council locations) across Melbourne, this presents a unique opportunity to present those who connect with a data-driven story available in multiple languages.

Given the geo-location of available wi-fi hotspots, users would be offered a chance to experience the history, demographic breakdown of the area, as well as local council information.

Data Story

We found that the data for councils can be very spread apart, across multiple sources (websites, reports, databases), and there is no easy method for residents or visitors to an area to find relevant information without attempting to search and filter through traditional channels.

Our idea is that we could combine relevant data together, and present it to people in a familiar format, but through a unique method.

With this idea/approach in mind, this solution concept collated information in various datasets from Kingston City Council, as well as the Trove database, KnowYourCouncil website, Census data between 2001 and 2016, and a combination of location datasets for Hospitals, Sports Grounds, and Schools.

Based on this approach, we for-see this as a means to promote collaboration of open-data resources between local councils and to be something that could be easily adapted and utilized at both city (Wydnham) and state levels.

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

Kingston Council Website

Description of Use Was used to investigate and populate the "About the area" section of the webpage.

Data Set

Kingston Council Festivals and Events

Description of Use Used to populate events data within the "Upcoming Events" section of the webpage.

Data Set

Sport and Recreational Facilities

Description of Use Used to identify all AFL grounds within Kingston council region to map out within the webpage.

Data Set

Kingston Council Plan Performance Reports

Description of Use Key figures and project status' were utilized for the "What's your council doing for you?" section.

Data Set

Know Your Council Website - Kingston

Description of Use Kingston data was investigated and specific data points were obtained to use within the "What's your council doing for you?" section.

Data Set

Census Data 2001 - 2016

Description of Use Examples of demographic trends were found for the region of Kingston, which were used for the "Who Lives in Kingston?" section of the webpage.

Data Set

Trove Online Database

Description of Use Used to confirm that historical newspaper clippings and information can be searched to find a "news of the day" that could be presented within the webpage.

Data Set

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