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Smarter school zones for connected communities

My Local School uses open data and open source software to generate alternative school intake zones. These zones are cohesive community regions that take into account the freeways, busy roads, railway lines and other barriers to travel.

Households within these zones have the certainty that their assigned school is the shortest travel distance for their neighbourhood.

Data Story

My Local School uses these open datasets:

The PSMA and Wyndham geographic datasets represent small neighbourhood units that, combined with routing OpenStreetMap analysis, generate cohesive community regions for fairer school intake zones.

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

Wyndham Subdivision Stage Boundaries

Data Set

Local Government Areas

Data Set

ABS Mesh Blocks and Statistical Areas

Data Set


Growing Wyndham

Region: Victoria


More than apps and maps: help government decide with data

Region: Australia


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