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E-Thos is a web based application that is designed to help potential/current business owners better understand the population demographics of the area that the business owner(s) intend to operate in. E-Thos takes in a location input from the user and then uses that information to provide a visual...

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# IP-identity **Can we construct a clean, fault-tolerent, distributed, borderless, IP ledger?** Yes we can! But wait, there\'s more! This decentralized database inherently will not allow duplicates. Such an application is mathematically invalid and will not succeed. With blockchain, we have...

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BizX - Business Transformed

Unlocking the value in open data and using it to drive social and economic value by helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses start, grow, employ and thrive! Access to freely available open data is key to entrepreneurs and small business owners overcoming the frustrations of an ever more...

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Grants Genie

Are you a business with bright ideas with the potential to leave your competitors in the dust? Bringing and testing your innovative ideas for commercialisation can be painful especially if you’re trying to capture a first to market advantage. Then, there is the actual process of discovering rele...

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Canberra Business Ninja

Scaling your SMB (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) is hard work. It's difficult to ascertain if a particular business district or the local corner shops is the best place to move to or best place to set up a new store. Understanding your customer where your customers are is one thing, understan...

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Where the Peeps

Building Wi-Fi usage heatmaps Trying to trace people's movements based on the access points they connect to.

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Project 252

Our proposed solution touches on integrating AIHW with the broader Community health sector at State and Service Provider levels. Having noticed this to be one of the most salient problems across the community sector over the past decade, we propose a system that would facilitate community org...

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