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Team 347

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Project Description

Building Wi-Fi usage heatmaps
Trying to trace people's movements based on the access points they connect to.

Data Story

We began by looking at the University of Canberra Wi-Fi usage dataset. We found it interesting that you could associate the user id with the usage data.

We explored usage data for all of Canberra and we found that it was very de-personalized, very 'big picture'. We couldn't use it to tell stories about individual users.

We thought if we demonstrated something amazing we could make with the more detailed University of Canberra dataset, then that would give more incentive to add fields such as user ids to the overall Canberra Wi-Fi usage data.

We would use UC as a proof-of-concept for our user-tracking idea and see if we could create a business case for collecting more detailed user Wi-Fi activity for the rest of Canberra.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

Canberra Free WiFi Access Points

Description of Use We use this to identify public locations that have a high enough density of access points to make good predictions about people's foot traffic.

Data Set

University of Canberra WiFi Usage

Description of Use We use this to build heatmaps of the most popular WiFi access points and also to plot the order in which users connect to the access points, giving us insight into the paths that they might take through the campus.

Data Set

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