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Are you a business with bright ideas with the potential to leave your competitors in the dust?
Bringing and testing your innovative ideas for commercialisation can be painful especially if you’re trying to capture a first to market advantage. Then, there is the actual process of discovering relevant grants and research collaboration opportunities and applying for them!

What if there is a tool that can help you target the right opportunities to help your business succeed?
Grants Genie is an innovative and intuitive open source tool designed to take your business’ characteristics and lifecycle status into account to provide you with the rich intelligence needed for selecting the right grants and research based assistance.
By combining Grants Connect, GNAF and ACT Population data to produce business meaningful results for grant characteristics along with demographic data and industry researcher collaborators to enhance your awareness of financial assistance and collaboration opportunities.

Just how easy is it to use?
Grants Genie is an interactive dashboard that takes your inputs with the aid of geolocation to help your business visualise and analyse data to investigate relationships insights such as:
- Understanding successful grant profiles by viewing grant data by location, category and grant agency
- Determine whether your competitors received grants by drilling down into the data by location on a map and refining by the objective of the grant
- Seek industry research collaboration opportunities through identifying similar research held by industry

Take charge of your business opportunities today and see what Grants Genie can do for you!

Data Story

Story 1: I am a researcher in a University and I want to see other businesses who have received innovation grants in the same area of research that I am in for industry research collaboration opportunities (were Industry meets Academia)

Story 2: I want to start a day care business in Canberra and want to see how many other people have received child care grants in the last few years and combine that with data on the young 0 - 4 year old population in those areas which have received grants to help me choose a location for my business

Story 3: I am a mango farmer who has an idea for developing a new packaging process for my mangoes so I want to search for agriculture based grants to see if individual/business have received grants for similar ideas to get an idea of whether I might have a chance of getting a grant

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

ACT Population Projections by Suburb (2015 - 2020)

Description of Use Government spent lot of money on Health and Education, etc. Having population data available, we used ACT Population Projections by Suburb (2015 - 2020)dataset to join G-NAF, GrantConnect Grant Recipients published data so that grant seeker can better understand local needs based on Industry category (e.g. Aged Care/Child Care, etc.). Hence Grants Genie can assist in making decision on which grant to apply!

Data Set

Previous Grant recipients published data from

Description of Use We used Previous Grant Recipients published data (Participants, Project Description, Grant amount, Start/End Date, etc.) from to allow users of the tool to search for past grant recipients in the same research category for industry research collaboration opportunities (Industry meets Academia)

Data Set

GrantConnent's Grant Award Published data

Description of Use We used GrantConnent's Grant Award Published data to join with G-NAF data (geocodes) to see Grant recipients details (ABN, category, amount, postcode, etc.) executed at certain locations.

Data Set

Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF)

Description of Use We used G-NAF dataset to visualise previous successful grant recipients on the map

Data Set

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