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The Wild Australia

This project is to find local Australian animals in the wild so that people can see them in their natural habitat and appreciate them.

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Objective: Engaging with local community through playful visualisation of (geo-located) city data as parametric interactive abstract faces. Developing a mobile AR (Augmented Reality) app with two modes, where ‘Mode 1’ will be - translating city data as a parametric face of the city (neighborh...

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Alice Solar Homes

SolarAS has written a website to assist renters and landlords cooperate with the help of real-estate agents to build and maintain high-quality, high-voltage blackout resistant solar systems within their homes. We hope to tap in to the strong enthusiasm and community spirit, business and governme...

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GovCMS Data Visualisation

Our team (of four first-time GovHackers) is interested in using opensource tools to work with open data. For this challenge we installed Drupal 8 GovCMS on a free cloud hosting site provided by Microsoft Azure. The DVF (Data Visualisation Framework) module was then installed and tested. The team ...

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Using ML to identify which individuals will commit insolvency by creating a compliance risk model and visualizing the results.

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This Place

Many residents of Australia hear a "Welcome to Country" or "Acknowledgement of Country" at events, but do not understand its deep significance, or the importance of country to Indigenous Australians. Many people are unaware of just how many diverse Indigenous nations and peoples exist in Australi...

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Hacking fish

Tasmania has Australia's best marine resources, not only a beautiful landscape but also a variety of fish resources. Although fishing enthusiast knows where the best place for fishing, the ordinary person does not know about this kind of information. Tasmania is very popular fishing destination...

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Beautiful Infringements

<p>Explosions of colour rip through the night sky, emanating from a single source and branching like lightning during a sultry summer storm. The bright flashes lighting up the sky like a...speed camera? </p> <p> As a rule, art is the use of technical ability and imagination to express the bea...

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Our project is a website database that aims to allow users to search, view, and download raw data which is scraped and cleaned from existing open data portals and catalogs. The site will compile data from existing individual databases all in one location, saving valuable time when searching in...

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