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The AiTO is a new and more user friendly way of interacting with people. This is done in two ways, * Firstly via strategically located help centers to allow more people easier access to the service. * Secondly with our Speech analysis retrieval assistant or SARA for short, Sara is designed to...

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We will focus on the utilisation of roads and transport in the Queensland State Government level, primarily on the Gold Coast where there have been recent investment in new transport options in light rail and bikeways. By understanding the difference in traffic levels for districts with more acce...

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# Weather2Go Description We designed an App for weather. It informs the users how to do with the incoming weather, make them understand weather and change their behaviour for better health. ## Problem Space ### 1. Who cares about UV? - People always ignore the harmful weather Some w...

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Littering is an issue that every Australian is aware of, and yet it continues to be a problem despite the millions of dollars spent in clean up costs each year. Alitternation is a web application powered by government data that aims to give Australians both the knowledge and motivation to cl...

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Using ML to identify which individuals will commit insolvency by creating a compliance risk model and visualizing the results.

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Trash 4 Cash

A gamified way to clean up rubbish (litter). This app is part of an initiative to get people to pick up rubbish and clean up.

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# DiscoVR We believe that to live a healthy and active lifestyle is to embody the spirit of adventure. DiscoVR allows users to live out new adventures around Australia in a VR environment, before living them out in the real world. DiscoVR empowers Australians to make better decisions, all...

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Aussie Animal Scavenger Hunt

<p>Aussie Animal Scavenger Hunt (AASH) is an educational product that will have kids learning an Indigenous language while adventuring outdoors searching for animals.</p> <br /><br /> <p>Scavenger Guides (such as teachers, parents or carers) can use our website to print out Animal Scavenger Hun...

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Take Me Anywhere

This project aims to connect people seeking a career change with current job opportunities in Queensland’s Tourism industry. We’ve created a website with unique algorithms which search job descriptions based on skills and locations to match them with local council and rural business opportunities...

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Aug Data

This project is visualize underground assets using Augmented Reality. At present the underground assets can only be seen on map. With this application using Augmented reality and also using City of Gold Coast open data sets Sewer Connection, Recycled Water Pipe, Potable water pipe, raw water main...

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Our product is an app, called HealthHack, that is integrated onto a smartwatch, for example a Fitbit or Apple Watch, that monitors health parameters including heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rates. The user’s medical profile is created in the app as well as being synchronized with thei...

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Searching to Build

We believe that access to real-time data will aid disaster relief services and assist in the rebuilding and management of past present and future assets. We believe that in emergencies, consistency is key. Consistency in data and communication holds the keys to successful asset management and mo...

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