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Street Safe

Are the streets you're about to travel on safe?

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Finding a common link between Ballarat and Denmark - cycling. A game that helps you explore the differences and similarities of the two places, by playing a challenging (and silly) game.

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Top Trunk

Engaging Councils to increase openness and innovation through a card game! Based on the popular "Top Trump" game, we play council versus council to see who is the most innovative, most open and most livable!

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Illuminating the Night

The aim of this project is to look at range of data sources from Ballarat to visualise the story of life, and perceptions of safety, in our town. Right to the Night data inspired this project, as it is rich in qualitative and quantitative data. This data was mapped and compared with other feat...

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*When visualisations are removed from the real world, for example when shared on FaceBook or Linked in, there's danger that they become an amusement, sometimes trivialising what could be serious and impactful content.* *In other cases information is simply hard to find when and where you nee...

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