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Finding a common link between Ballarat and Denmark - cycling. A game that helps you explore the differences and similarities of the two places, by playing a challenging (and silly) game.

Data Story

The game will utilise bicycle usage data in both Ballarat and Denmark as well as live wind speed data to influence the game.

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Facts about cycling in Denmark

Description of Use Finding weird facts that could be added to our app, mostly to entertain and to educate.

Data Set

Copenhagen City of Cyclists

Description of Use Used as stats depicted in the game to help show the similarities and differences of the two cities. It will hopefully encourage those in Ballarat to continue or start cycling, as well as seeing how a booming city can prepare infrastructure to help grow the city.

Data Set

Ballarat Bicycle Count

Description of Use Used as one of the major stats depicted visually in the app.

Data Set

Ballarat Bicycle Lanes

Description of Use Mostly to see the difference between amounts of bicycle lanes in Ballarat and Denmark.

Data Set

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