Top Trunk

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Project Description

Engaging Councils to increase openness and innovation through a card game! Based on the popular "Top Trump" game, we play council versus council to see who is the most innovative, most open and most livable!

Data Story

We summarise datasets from the ABS, metadata, world livability and innovation centres.

Data tells a story, even when it' s just top level summaries. By showcasing the comparative strengths and weaknesses of different councils, we hope to encourage them to improve.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

Regional Cities Victoria Livability Index

Description of Use: Livability of councils

Data Set

Number of datasets

Description of Use: This informs the "open data" attribute.

Data Set

City livability

Description of Use: While this dataset doesn't go into the detail we like, we used the methodology to inform our methodology for "livability"

Data Set

ERP by LGA (ASGS 2017), 2001 to 2017

Description of Use: Population Statistics

Data Set


Ballarat Open Innovation Challenge

Region: Victoria


Telling Stories with Data(.Vic)

Region: Victoria


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