Helping the community realise we’re in their corner!

Jurisdiction: Victoria

Local Government has lots of data, so how can we utilise the data we have, and the open data out there to tell the story of what we do, how we do it so well, and how this benefits the community, in ways that constituents will receive and understand?

The average community member often has little understanding of what Local Government is and does – and Local Government has always made a good community ‘punching bag’. Amongst other things, this may be partly due to us not being able to promote/communicate our work well enough. But we also have one arm tied behind our back because it is not acceptable to the community for councils to spend lots of rate-payers money on marketing and self-promotion (“stop blowing your own trumpet and put this money into better services!” punch… punch…).

Eligibility: Must focus on City of Kingston

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in Victoria.

Dataset Highlight

City of Kingston

LGPRF Know Your Council site

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