Australia Ocean 3D Bluelink Forecast Data Sample

Region: Australia

Description: This is a three-dimensional forecast of ocean state from the sea surface to the deep ocean. The OceanMAPS model is a Bureau of Meteorology operational global ocean forecast system with 0.1 degree horizontal resolution and variable vertical resolution. This model was build with the support of the Bluelink research partnership. This dataset captures a one-year period and is provided to support anyone wanting to better understand the model or how to work with this data. LICENCE: The dataset referred to in this metadata record is available/ licenced under the “CC-BY-NC 3.0 au” license. The license summary may be found here: The full license text may be found here: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We request attribution as : Australian Bureau of Meteorology (2018), Australia Ocean 3D Bluelink Forecast Data Sample (2017-01 to 2017-12), {Point-of-truth authoritative version of metadata url : } Downloaded from [url] on [date] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please refer to [ ], for disclaimer details.


Team Projects Utilising Australia Ocean 3D Bluelink Forecast Data Sample

The Ogrelords - Project Arc

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Future Ocean - From Global Climate Change to Future Ocean: Geospatial Local and Nonlinear Impacts of Ocean Flows and Human Activities on the Ocean Climate and Environment, and Spatiotemporal Decision Making for Marine Ecosystems

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