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The AiTO is a new and more user friendly way of interacting with people. This is done in two ways, * Firstly via strategically located help centers to allow more people easier access to the service. * Secondly with our Speech analysis retrieval assistant or SARA for short, Sara is designed to...

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Project 268

EIntroducing easyRider - More flow, less stress. A #govhack2018 submission from the Digital Hub crew in Peregian Beach to ease traffic and congestion in the Noosa shire.

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Trash Talk

Trash Talk is an attractive, innovative and interactive smart rubbish disposal unit, designed to address the needed culture change that will lead us into an advanced, pristine and sustainable future. Trash Talk displays a fitted digital LCD that educates and prompts communities to use and sort wa...

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#Healthy Australia ###Who we are *** A team of five men with a passion... a dream... a hope to build a better connected, healthier Australia! ###What is GovLeave? *** A government managed platform to mediate the negotiation of sick leave between employers and employees in a fair and transpa...

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Historial Mirror

Australia’s history should be acknowledged and remembered, it can inspire a nation, educate next generation, also let travelers, immigrants better understand the background of Australia. In order to engage people with ANZAC, we designed a website let our next generation, immigrants, traveler...

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# The Problem Waste disposal is a difficult problem in our cities and towns that have to balance a delicate relationship between necessity, environmental impacts, and costs. One of the major costs in the recycling programs provided by state and local governments is the cost of sorting non-recycl...

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The Spirit Lives

Marking 100 years since our involvement in the First World War, the Anzac Centenary is a time to honour the service and sacrifice of our original ANZAC. By using machine learning for colourising and 3D modelling portraits, we bring life to the past. "The Spirit Lives". Our application allows u...

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Cutting the Queues

Our project aims to provide greater access to government services by reducing the demand for face to face appointments at government services. File corrupted, original full length video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf0BUEq4ev0

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Our project is a website database that aims to allow users to search, view, and download raw data which is scraped and cleaned from existing open data portals and catalogs. The site will compile data from existing individual databases all in one location, saving valuable time when searching in...

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Our product is an app, called HealthHack, that is integrated onto a smartwatch, for example a Fitbit or Apple Watch, that monitors health parameters including heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rates. The user’s medical profile is created in the app as well as being synchronized with thei...

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Governments are good a regulating business but bad when it comes to providing guidance. It is on everyone's radar to grow the economy in areas of high demand or future need, but there is no real way of individuals knowing what will work where, so of all companies that start up, half fail within t...

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