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GovHack Admin: There are two links for evidence of work. This is stopping the below button working. Links are here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1w_IJOBAMD-c2NgTzHUNw-IvCe19MVOzA; https://github.com/seanjen/seechange.git Introducing - seeCHANGE seeCHANGE is a simple interactive tool that ...

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Project Airscape

Project Airscape is an application that lets you, the users, to track air pollution in Australia - and ideally find a correlation between air quality and ocean pollution.

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Remember When

Creating an application which unveils the hidden story behind historical buildings, events and locations of significance. User location is tracked via GPS and as they approach a location marked on the map, it will be 'unlocked'. Once unlocked, a pop-up with information about the location will be ...

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