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Virtual Emergency Management

<p>Thick black smoke chokes the city, as fire moves in from the West. Emergency vehicles race to the fire front, as residents, schools and businesses prepare to evacuate. As embers begin to fall on the outer suburbs, everyone's next decisions are crucial.</p> <p>Situational awareness is paramo...

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Yerrabi is intended to encourage people to be more active by taking away reservations about convenience, challenge and timing. By utilising geospatial data supplied by the ACT Government in addition to crowdsourced data, Yerrabi allows Canberrans the option to either follow known trails or ’blaze...

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Safer Evacuations

In urban emergency situations it can be challenging for first responders to coordinate their information with each other, and with the local community, to identify the safest evacuation routes out of the area. <BR> ![The Tiny Happy People Hacking](http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn262/Aceydu...

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Our vision is to bring communities closer together by providing a common digital space that community members can use to organise events around public spaces. When jumping on the notice website, a user can sign up or log into an exisiting account to post new cards, or they can use the map to bro...

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Canberra Business Ninja

Scaling your SMB (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) is hard work. It's difficult to ascertain if a particular business district or the local corner shops is the best place to move to or best place to set up a new store. Understanding your customer where your customers are is one thing, understan...

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Where the Peeps

Building Wi-Fi usage heatmaps Trying to trace people's movements based on the access points they connect to.

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Anzen Drive

How can technology make us safer on the roads? In ACT since 2000, 13 people have died on average every year due to road based collisions (https://policenews.act.gov.au/crime-statistics-and-data/road-toll). In order to promote awareness around road safety, Team Drop Table has designed a web bas...

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#Watch our entry video [Click here to watch our entry video](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1croDbkCD4-CM5u3EXbcMFOqKz8f29_nc/view) ![alt text](https://media.giphy.com/media/deyTNzeBkIjaIFjLM7/giphy.gif "MyCity") ___ ## The Problem: According to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, a...

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Age-Friendly Canberra

Please view our Github page for a comprehensive project profile: https://github.com/ma-al/gh18-p77 - The Age-Friendly Planning Tool maps government data on population projections for the Canberra region and assists users in identifying areas requiring increased support and development, now ...

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