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Checkpoint Project Team Location
Saturday 12pm Lock In From Global Climate Change to Future Ocean: Geospatial Local and Nonlinear Impacts of Ocean Flows and Human Activities on the Ocean Climate and Environment, and Spatiotemporal Decision Making for Marine Ecosystems Future Ocean Perth
Sunday 5pm Lock In Weather Intelligence Solutions Team Outliers Adelaide
Saturday 12pm Lock In Project Airscape Team Airscape Albany
Saturday 12pm Lock In Plastic Pollution's Affect on Marine Life Data Spuds Mount Gambier
Sunday 12pm Lock In NoosaHydro NoosaHydro Sunshine Coast (Peregian Digital Hub)
Saturday 12pm Lock In Hacking fish Utas fisher Launceston
Saturday 5pm Lock In TARU TARU Hobart
Saturday 12pm Lock In Project Arc The Ogrelords Rockhampton
Saturday 12pm Lock In See the sea L.E.S.S. is more 2 Mount Gambier
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