Caring Canberra

Jurisdiction: Australian Capital Territory

How do we make Canberra the most inclusive city in Australia?

For example, imagine you are:

  • A carer who needs information about services
  • Undergoing a disruptive life event and need assistance
  • Someone who wants to connect with the Indigenous history of our region
  • Someone looking for socially responsible ways to make Canberra a better place

Eligibility: Must use at least one dataset from dataACT

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Saturday 12pm Lock In Checkpoint

Team RGB(255,0,0) - Reloqtr
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Oakton - Care Gov (beta)
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Project 77 - Age-Friendly Canberra
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Tax Enthusiasts - TaxHelpCenter AI
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Team Erikgen - SafeACT
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Saturday 5pm Lock In Checkpoint

HackYeah2018! - Project HackYeah 2018!
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Sunday 12pm Lock In Checkpoint

Team 347 - Where the Peeps
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Sunday 5pm Lock In Checkpoint

Null VRiables - Beautiful Infringements
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Null VRiables - Virtual Emergency Management
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