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A collaborative job management solution to enable multi Agency responses to events and Incidents. The system merges the skills and experience of human resources and overlays environmental and Infrastructure assets that will have a impact on the delivery of the service.

A key feature way to provide a mechanism where the prepared datasource and maps are available to the guys in the field when they are undertaking the task that the system has scheduled them to complete.

Data Story

The objective or this project was to provide a mechanism that allowed Environmental and Infrastructure datasets to be included as part of the planning process when resourcing Events or responding to Incidents.

So our logic was to load all available data that may be a deciding factor for running an event or responding to and incident.

A start set of data was selected thinking of key infrastructure resources that would be important fro scheduling an event such as the commonwealth Games, ( Such as toilets, Parking, taxi)

Then we added a series of Environmental Datasets so that we could display that information to our users if it was potentially relevant to their event of incident response. This would be particularly relevant in the case of an incident like the black Saturday bushfires.

We have provided a data checking process where user can identify, tag and even add in data that has not been stored in the main data source ( IE add in a new Taxi Stand ( not shown on the map.

We have build a continuious model go ensure that the best data is available to everyone.

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Team DataSets

Taxi Ranks

Description of Use This data was included as another key infrastructure asset that may be important factor when planning and event or response to an incident.

Data Set

Bushfire Management Planning Data - Identified Assets at Risk

Description of Use This data source was chosen as another factor that may be of an extremely important factor that may need to be represented spatially to assist stakeholders

Data Set

Training Gov au

Description of Use We used Competenencies as a way to select the most appropriate (human) resource to complete the tasks associated with the management of the event or incident. Yes the skills of the staff may need to be assessed (by Recognition of prior learning) but it provides a clear and transparent standard where the strengths and weaknesses of all stakeholders can be easily assessed.

Data Set

Real-Time Water - Surface Water Monitoring (Rivers and Streams)

Description of Use This dataset was used to represent the location of water sources in NSW. The location of the may be a very critical design factor when responding the to a bushfire event

Data Set

The Native Vegetation of the Sydney Metropolitan Area - Version 3 (OEH, 2016) VIS_ID 4489

Description of Use This layer provided a spatial representation of all of the vegetation around Sydney. It will provide a very important data set particularly when it come to managing an emergancy response to a bushfire event in Sydney. Other vegtation layers for other locations whould be used in other locations. This data set is from SEED

Data Set

Spatial Services - Administrative Spatial Programs - General Hospital

Description of Use This is a Datatset that may be relevant when making Decisions about what may be important when it comes to planning for events such as an Event of Incident

Data Set

Tourist Accommodation

Description of Use This dataset was used to compile spatial representations of more information that may be relevant when planing a response to an Event or incident

Data Set

National Liquid Fuel Facilities WFS

Description of Use This data source was used to present another spatial representation of some information that may be important with the management of an Event or incident. This actual resource was required in Improving Response in SA which I would have liked to apply for as my National Solution was designed to deliver the same outcomes

Data Set

Ballarat Community Food Activities

Description of Use Use this data set of another lat long specific CVS that can be added to the generic data loading process that can be used to maximise the ammount of data that can be added to the system so that the users of the system have a great spatial representation of the resources that are available to them at the event or incident.

Data Set

Public Transport - Realtime - Trip Updates

Description of Use Added this data to the system as another factor that may be important with the management of events and incidents

Data Set

NSW government school locations and enrolments

Description of Use Used this data set as spatial representation of of public toilets as this may be a key resource in the management of events like the Commonwealth Games

Data Set

National Public Toilet Map

Description of Use Used this data set as spatial representation of of public toilets as this may be a key resource in the management of events litke the Commonwealth Games

Data Set

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