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Web app incentivising and educating people about recycling with a competitive edge.

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We wanted to take the large amounts of data about recycling in Victoria and use that to encourage further recycling. The app loads data for your local council and helps you make informed decisions about what to recycle. it also uses the data to show how your local council is performing, and the environmental impact that recycling can have in real terms. To encourage recycling, the app will be gamified, allowing users in each council to play off against other councils in a race to be the best recycling council in Victoria. We've highlighted the great work that the City of Kingston have been doing in recycling.

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Team DataSets

LCA kerbside recycling calculator

Description of Use Quick stats about the environment impact of recycling

Data Set

Victorian Recycling Industry Annual Survey

Description of Use Information about total waste generation by Victorians plus tonnes recycled of different material types recovered

Data Set

Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Service Report 2015-16

Description of Use Providing data about local government waste management, how Victoria handles its waste and how much waste their is to deal with

Data Set

City of Kingston

Description of Use General information about the types of services and stats in a high performing council, their waste collection calendar and how they manage waste overall

Data Set

My Victoria Mapping API (GovHack 2018)

Description of Use Through this API we were able to pull info from the Data.Vic website to help compare council data

Data Set

LGPRF Know Your Council site

Description of Use Through this we were able to find direct and clear data about a councils performance, their performance relative to other councils and general statistics about council areas

Data Set

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Helping the community realise we’re in their corner!

Local Government has lots of data, so how can we utilise the data we have, and the open data out there to tell the story of what we do, how we do it so well, and how this benefits the community, in ways that constituents will receive and understand?

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My (re-cycled) Victoria

How might Victoria lead the way in how Australians recycle their waste through local initiatives that monitor waste outputs and drive initiatives to re-use/re-purpose recyclable materials?

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