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G'day Australia,

Welcome to the #NewAustraliaDay project!

NewAustraliaDay is an openculture, opensource and opendata initiative that believes Australia needs to resolve some fundamental issues with our current democratic identity in order to grow into a prosperous, forward looking nation.

It's early days for the #NewAustraliaDay project, but we're pleased be participating in Govhack 2018 for the first time and are really starting to think about how a #NewAustraliaDay might contibute to solving some of the big data and  governance matters of our times.

As part of the GovHack event we've made some big fixes to the website and general messaging. We've also setup some space for a #NewAustraliaDay data policy here. Check it out!

Huge respect to all the amazing GovHackers across Australia that are making great open source projects and contributing to a better world!

NewAustraliaDay team

Data Story

In order to get started with a practical example of how we can use open data effectively and meet the terms of the GovHack data usage and competition elements, we've implemented a BBQ Finder service. Check it out!

Our Rationale? BBQs have always played an important part in serious Australian cultural movements!

Example datasets we are using:

http://open-darwin.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/barbeques   (NT)
https://www.data.act.gov.au/Infrastructure-and-Utilities/Public-Barbeques-in-the-ACT/n3b4-mm52 (ACT)

We've also started to implement some visualisations of the movement towards change.

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