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Team 101

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Michael , Pete and 4 other members with unpublished profiles.

Project Description

A local story generator for kids to put together a story board similar to a comic book. The style chosen is a "choose your own adventure" but the adventure is links to various data sources linked on many dimensions. With the diverse data available, every story created is different. The story can then be shared with friends and family. The story is backed by data which is also credited. A unique way to bring various data sources together. Sharing promotes the importance of open data in our community. This also uses a higher order learning by not telling, not showing but actually allowing users to create and share. Thereby we ingrain in our future generations the importance of data, data sharing and how data is linked across various facets of our lives.

Data Story

There are a lot of open data sources but in many cases they are hard to link meaningfully. In our case we took to some data munging to find plausible dimensions in the data to allow linking. Things like geo location of school locations and sports complexes was simple. An extension was gender across things like crime stats, teacher/student data and job markets. We took some deep dives in linking location to language spoken from data such as the community profiles data. This created a framework for likely segues that a creator of a story book may take. The rest is left up to the user to choose their own adventure and bring together their own data backed story.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

2018 Employment Projections

Description of Use dimension analysis location, growth to join to other datasets

Data Set

Indigenous health & welfare services Region: Australia

Description of Use dimension analysis to cross link to other datasets

Data Set

Tree canopies 2016 (Urban Forest)

Description of Use geo spacial data dimension

Data Set

Crime Stats Agency

Description of Use gender, year dimensions to segue to other data sets

Data Set

Aged care

Description of Use age, year, economic, health, gender dimensions to link to other data sources

Data Set

LCA kerbside recycling calculator

Description of Use environmental impact of recycling - impact by type of recyclable

Data Set

Sport and Recreational Facilities

Description of Use geo location of sports facilities

Data Set

School Locations

Description of Use geo location of schools

Data Set

2016 Community Profiles

Description of Use language and geo location spread of multicultural groups throughout victoria

Data Set

Challenge Entries

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Victorian Multicultural Atlas

How can we leverage mobile technology and free Wi-Fi to present point of interest data alongside immersive information to help citizens from non-English speaking backgrounds navigate their local environments and learn about the rich history of Victorian public spaces?

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Australians' stories

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Telling Stories with Data(.Vic)

Accessing any of the datasets on data.vic, this challenge asks participants to extract and tell stories from data. Alternatively how might we facilitate citizens’ own inquiries and investigations via the Victorian Government Open Data Portal?

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Bounty: Mix and Mashup

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