ACT GovHack Acceleration Award – sponsored by the ACT Government in partnership with the Canberra Innovation Network

Jurisdiction: Australian Capital Territory

What is life in Canberra?

Best use of data to show an understanding of life in Canberra and a viable, creative and sustainable way to improve it (could be social, economic, environmental, or a combination)

  • The concept with the greatest potential by a team who wishes to move their solution forward, the prize is intended to help them in their journey

Eligibility: Must use at least one ACT Government dataset, and able to participate in four separate workshops in Canberra commencing March 2019

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7 teams have entered into this challenge across all checkpoints that have passed.

Saturday 12pm Lock In Checkpoint

DIISplay - Trendhound
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Grant Gurus - Grants Genie
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Project 77 - Age-Friendly Canberra
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Saturday 5pm Lock In Checkpoint

No team projects entered at this checkpoint.

Sunday 12pm Lock In Checkpoint

Team 36 - Canberra Business Ninja
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B&C - MyCity
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Sunday 5pm Lock In Checkpoint

Tiny Happy People Hacking - Safer Evacuations
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Tiny Happy People Hacking - People's Budget
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