City of Adelaide – the place to live work and play

Jurisdiction: South Australia

How can data show the world that Adelaide is the place to live, work and play?

Adelaide is Designed for Life. We are growing the City of Adelaide as a prosperous and progressive place for businesses and people. Ten Gigabit Adelaide is rolling out, our Entrepreneurs are excelling and our retail and hospitality offering is the jewel in the state’s crown.

We want you to use data to show the world that Adelaide is the place to live, work and play.

You can find some of the datasets available showcased in our Economic Insights Dashboard at and but we encourage you to use any available data not just our own to showcase the City of Adelaide.

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Saturday 12pm Lock In Checkpoint

Bachmanns and Fulwoods - “Backwards and Forwards”- South Australia Edition
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ElectronicallyE - Trailen
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Digital Bureaucrats - Bus' A Move
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Saturday 5pm Lock In Checkpoint

Uno Future - Uno
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Job Nav - project.JNav
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Sunday 12pm Lock In Checkpoint

Just We Three - Connected - Councils Connecting Community
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XTRA - Xtra Jobs
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Sunday 5pm Lock In Checkpoint

0pt1c N3t - New age Business
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