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We propose a Dynamic Metro Engine to help governments make data-driven decisions to improve public transport services for citizens. This engine consumes live public transport feeds of real time bus data, metrocard validations and GTFS network information.

It will provide tools which can be used to identify and predict under-utilised or underserved routes.

An interface with alternative transport providers such as rideshare apps or minivan services will allow routes with low occupancy to be catered for by share vehicles. Why run a whole bus for a few passengers when you can use a car?

This will help improve the utilisation of both buses and shared vehicles. Plus the data should be shared both ways so that highly requested ride-share journeys can be proposed for future public transport routes.

With under-used routes replaced, some of these busses could be reallocated to improve the frequency of the high demand routes we identify and provide a dynamic bus timetable.

To minimise the impact on bus users, the metro engine will feed into existing public transport interfaces such as the websites, apps and display screens. Users on low-occupancy bus routes will be directed to catch the alternative transport from their regular stop.

Data Story

With Banded Metrocard validation data and Adelaide Metro General Transit Feed information, we built a tool to identify the most and least popular bus routes and visualised them by colour.

SIRI Real time data was analysed to calculate the average delay of different routes.

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Team DataSets

Adelaide Metro Real-Time Passenger Information

Description of Use Calculating the delays for the bus which are causing inconvenience to people resulting in hating public transport. This helps us to prove how our system can provide better service to citizens at less overall cost

Data Set

Adelaide Metrocard Validations

Description of Use Using datasets for checking which routes are least used and how can we optimise transport mode in these areas

Data Set

Adelaide Metro General Transit Feed

Data Set

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