Migrant Ship and Aircraft files 1947-1976

Region: Queensland

Description: These files record the particulars of travel of nominated / sponsored immigrants who came to Queensland between 1947 and 1976. Each file may include: a nominal roll of assisted passage migrants (passenger list), luggage lists, notes of passenger travel arrangements after arrival, correspondence on payment of rail fares, and welfare officers report on meeting ship. The passenger lists include: name of passenger (nominated immigrants), age, religion, occupation, country / place of origin, name of ship or flight number of aircraft, date of arrival, and name and address of nominator. For the majority of the aircraft files only the passenger list for the flight is included on the file. The files are arranged in chronological order by the date of arrival of the ship or aircraft. While each ship has a separate file for each voyage, the aircraft files include passenger lists for several months or a period of one year.


Team Projects Utilising Migrant Ship and Aircraft files 1947-1976

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