Air Quality Monitoring - 2011

Region: Queensland

Description: Annual hourly air quality and meteorological data by monitoring site for the 2011 calendar year. For more information on Air Quality including live air data, please visit **Data resolution:** One hour average values **Data row timestamp:** Start of averaging period **Missing data/not monitored:** Blank cell **Calm conditions:** No hourly average wind direction is reported when the hourly average wind speed is zero **Daily zero/span response check:** Automated instrument zero/span response checks are conducted daily between midnight and 1:00am. Where this takes place, an ambient hourly value cannot be reported. **Sampling height:** 4 metres above ground level (unless otherwise indicated) **Please note:** The following datasets were added on 03 May 2018: * Pinkenba * Pomona * Stuart * Townsville Port * Wynnum North **Please note:** The following datasets were updated on 03 May 2018 * Pimlico - Oxides of nitrogen modified * South Brisbane - Carbon monoxide modified


Team Projects Utilising Air Quality Monitoring - 2011

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