Building Permit Activity Data 2018

Region: Victoria

Description: The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) collects information from building surveyors on the number, value and type of building permits issued each month as part of its functions under the Building Act 1993. The Building Permit Activity Data provides information relating to each building permit issued in the State of Victoria and reported to the VBA for the preiod specified. It includes: - over 40 pieces of information per record - details of what was built (or demolished) - how much it cost - levy paid - when it was built - time series per year In addition, spatial information can be viewed according to: - municipality - Victorian State Regions - Victorian Rural Regions - metropolitan regions - suburb - postal code - street name Please refer to the data quality statement to assist you in determining whether the data meets fitness for purpose tests before use.


Team Projects Utilising Building Permit Activity Data 2018

No team projects utilising this data set currently.