Magda API

Region: Australia

Description: The API of the beta at, which is powered by a new product called Magda ( This contains all the metadata collected by - information about roughly 70,000 Datasets, Files, Organisations etc, and allows you to page through or search it via a JSON-based REST API. The quality of this metadata differs pretty widely, and a big part of what we want to achieve with Magda is automatically fixing it up and enhancing it - things like checking if links are broken, looking at file extensions to determine file format etc. Between looking at the metadata we already have and downloading the files that it describes, there's a lot of cool things that could be done to improve the state of the catalogue, and we're really interested to see what can be done. Important links: - API documentation: - You can find a guide to using the APIs at - Source code: - Simple example of using the API (written in typescript):


Team Projects Utilising Magda API

No team projects utilising this data set currently.