ACT Population Projections by District (2015 - 2041)

Region: Australian Capital Territory

Description: The projections are based upon actual values obtained in 2015, and estimates obtained for 2016. A full list of all projections, including historical projections, can be found at These population projections are not intended to present predictions of the demographic future to any degree of reliability or precision. The population projections contained here are the projected population resulting from certain assumptions about future trends in fertility, mortality and migration trends. Future population trends are influenced by a variety of social, economic and political factors, with significant fluctuation in short-term population growth rates as well as in the underlying social, economic and political influencers. Numerous behavioural assumptions are required to be made for each age cohort and sex. Many of these assumptions will be swamped by the random impacts on the future movements of individuals through births, deaths, and relocation. Neither the authors nor the ACT Government give warranty in relation to these projections, and no liability is accepted by the authors or the Government or any other person who assisted in the preparation of the publication, for errors and omissions, loss or damage suffered as a result of any person acting in reliance thereon.


Team Projects Utilising ACT Population Projections by District (2015 - 2041)

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