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BizX - Business Transformed

Unlocking the value in open data and using it to drive social and economic value by helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses start, grow, employ and thrive! Access to freely available open data is key to entrepreneurs and small business owners overcoming the frustrations of an ever more...

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Canberra Business Ninja

Scaling your SMB (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) is hard work. It's difficult to ascertain if a particular business district or the local corner shops is the best place to move to or best place to set up a new store. Understanding your customer where your customers are is one thing, understan...

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New age Business

An application for people on how to create or grow their small business at easy and stress free.

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Secure your future

Big Orange Brain is a team of two, with software engineering backgrounds and a keen interest in open data. Our aim for this year's GovHack was to uncover insights into better utilisation of our labour market that the Department of Jobs and Small Business will hopefully find valuable.

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Governments are good a regulating business but bad when it comes to providing guidance. It is on everyone's radar to grow the economy in areas of high demand or future need, but there is no real way of individuals knowing what will work where, so of all companies that start up, half fail within t...

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Academic Connect

This project aimed to address the lack of collaboration between government, universities and industry to encourage innovation.

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Entrepreneurs face an incredible amount of blockers that are pushing them away from realising their vision. They have to go through different processes to set up their business, get funding or find resources. We want to build a platform that will automate most of these tasks using Artificial Int...

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