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Umbrella SciSearch is a search engine for location-based environmental data. Search for a location in Queensland, and SciSearch will return an aggregation of multiple types of data taken from that location.

Data Story

By building this search engine, we wanted to give people a fuller picture of what the environment looks like in various parts of Queensland. It's easy for researchers to focus on the type of data they specialise in above all else - but it may be useful for them to see how other data fits together as well.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

QLD Suburb/Locality Boundaries - PSMA Administrative Boundaries

Description of Use: This data provides locational information - boundaries of suburbs, towns, etc. This was used for our maps, and should make it easy to extend to all Australia in future.

Data Set

Air Quality Monitoring - Live data feed

Description of Use: This data feed provides live information about the air quality in specific locations. We chose this because air quality affects everything - wildlife, plants, and people alike.

Data Set

QLD Wildlife Data API

Description of Use: This provides a lot of information about wildlife, sortable by locations. This was the first API we decided to use, mainly because it is so comprehensive.

Data Set


Science Data Challenge

Region: Queensland


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