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Learn about the demographics and stats that make up regions across Australia through a web-based trivia game! the Australia Game makes exploring the diversity of Australian communities fun through a Who Wants to be a Millionaire?-style interface. Using Google Maps, players can see the communities in question and get hints about which one is the correct answer.

Data Story

We've sourced data from AIHW, and the ABS to demonstrate the diverse human geography that makes up our country. We also used Google Maps to generate a cross-referenced GIS database so that we can zoom in on the area that is the subject of each statistic when the questions are asked. The technologies used include Google Go and Javascript.

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Team DataSets

Rental Report - Quarterly: Quarterly Median Rents by LGA

Description of Use Part of statistics used in game.

Data Set

ABS Datapacks

Description of Use Statistical data from ABS datapacks extracted and used in game.

Data Set

AIHW - Australia' Health 2016

Description of Use Used regional life expectancy data for questions in quiz game.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Bounty: Integrating AIHW

How can we integrate AIHW and other data sources in interesting ways?

Go to Challenge | 28 teams have entered this challenge.

My (Liveable) Victoria

Using the data available on Data Vic and My Victoria, how might well-being be represented and measured in Victoria?

Go to Challenge | 17 teams have entered this challenge.

Bounty: Mix and Mashup

How can we combine the uncombinable?

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Telling Stories with Data(.Vic)

Accessing any of the datasets on data.vic, this challenge asks participants to extract and tell stories from data. Alternatively how might we facilitate citizens’ own inquiries and investigations via the Victorian Government Open Data Portal?

Go to Challenge | 21 teams have entered this challenge.

Australians' stories

What meaningful ways can we tell the story about what it's like to be an Australian, and in what ways some Australians live very different lives than others? How can we make people more aware of the issues facing themselves and others as they go through life?

Go to Challenge | 34 teams have entered this challenge.