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Project Description

Taking Data from many different data sets, converting to graphs then into pictures and making art.

I've used the Data sets required for challenges, but any data sets could be used for this project.

Data Story

Incorporating and Integrating Data in an Interesting way, from numbers to pictures.
Mixing and Mashing Data from many data sets that would not normally or could not really be used any any real world situation.
Creating the data into new views, giving insights into art with visual pictures.
Teaching people some meaning of art in a new and exciting way.

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

TAFE SA Campus Locations

Description of Use Convert data into graphs and in turn into pictures.

Data Set

2016 Average Park Water Usage

Description of Use Example of data that can be extracted into graphs or pictures that could be taken from actual areas.

Data Set

Higher Education Student Data

Description of Use Converted Numbers from various data set into graphs for use.

Data Set

National Drugs Strategy Household Survey

Description of Use Create graph from data and use in new interesting way.

Data Set

Adolescent birth rate (aged 10-14 years; aged 15-19 years) per 1,000 women in that age group

Description of Use Converted data into Graphs, to use in new exciting way.

Data Set

Youth Justice Detention Data

Description of Use Convert Data into Graph and use in interesting way...

Data Set

General Record of Incidence of Mortality (GRIM) books

Description of Use Coverted Data into Graphs

Data Set

Healthy Communities: Patients' out-of-pocket spending on Medicare services, 2016–17

Description of Use Converted, Data from many different fields into Graph.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

New Insights into Data

How can Department for Education (SA) data be used to create innovative and new views of education-related information for South Australia? What new insights can we find by visualising Department for Education data in new ways?

Go to Challenge | 6 teams have entered this challenge.

Visualising Department for Education (SA) Data

What information can be learned from the Department for Education datasets showing the location of school zones in South Australia, and the enrolments in schools and preschools? How can people learn from this data, when it's presented in new ways? How can this data be creatively presented, or combined with new data for new insights?

Go to Challenge | 3 teams have entered this challenge.

Bounty: Integrating AIHW

How can we integrate AIHW and other data sources in interesting ways?

Go to Challenge | 28 teams have entered this challenge.

Bounty: Mix and Mashup

How can we combine the uncombinable?

Go to Challenge | 61 teams have entered this challenge.