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Create a showcase of WW1 Content (QLD focus) using modern applications to help connect current and future generations of Queenslanders connect with the legacy of WW1.

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Project Goal: Connecting current and future generations with the legacy of ww1 as Robyn from the State Library of Queensland Said said the art of Story telling and pictures are powerful pictures tool which can help us acknowledge understand and share the history of people lives.

This instagram account aims to tell a meaningful narrative through the images, diaries and manuscripts that honour and embrace the Anzac spirit. Not only do these images celebrate the end of the war and the lives of the men and women served away and at home, it links the current generation together link never before. #tags, slideshows, narrated pictures deliver maxim impact at a time where social media attention spans are limited to a swipe.

Evidence of Work



High-Res Image

Team DataSets


Description of Use: reference

Data Set

Discovering Anzacs

Description of Use: Used to capture images and stories of persons included in posts. Very relevant and useful site :)

Data Set

The ode

Description of Use: Quotes in the post on remembrance day

Data Set

Alfred John Shout

Description of Use: Photo and story included, VC bravery and sacrifice

Data Set

One of the Soldiers

Data Set


Bounty: Mix and Mashup

Region: Australia


Bounty: Q ANZAC 100 Challenge

Region: Australia


Australians' stories

Region: Australia


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