Project 139

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Mr A. C. G. Drake

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Leo Febey and 2 other members with unpublished profiles.

Project Description

Aggregation and tidying of the database hosted by LibrariesTas to provide a more easily usable database for future analysts. Beyond this, there is also the website (WIP) that will provide a fun and interactive way for people to learn about the voyages that came to Tasmania in the 19th Century.

Data Story

The data from the LibrariesTas website (accessed through has over 70000 entries detailing immigration to Tasmania during the 19th Century. Due to the nature of the data being transcribe from old immigration logs, some very weathered, and no one convention between these logs, the database is very difficult to read and use in its current form. To this end, the we've converted the data to be more legible, but also computationally friendly.

Aside from the JSON linked directly with the Data.Gov.Au site, there is also another list hosted by LibrariesTas that contains a list of voyages (passengers not logged) to Tasmania, which has also been analysed and a short list of ship names pulled from it. This is hoped to be used in later iterations to test outlying data points in the original dataset and tidy up errors such as incorrectly spelt names and erroneous dates.

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Tasmanian Arrivals (19th Century)

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