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Melbourne: Now and Then displays images of key landmarks in our city in two states, past and present. Surrounding the imagery, is data displaying the future of the surrounding building environment.

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People largely enjoy looking at old photos, but it's difficult to gain context as to where they were taken, when they were taken, what the location looks like today, and what is changing in the future.

It's difficult to see a photo on the internet, whether it's through News or Social Media, and trace down the source and then go and find the physical location and details about the surrounding future. Melbourne: Now and Then alleviates that issue.

Having an easy way to explore Melbourne through imagery and interactive maps helps the user build on their knowledge of the ever changing landscape.

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Development Activity Model Footprints

Description of Use Used to map development footprints and display the status of developments.

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Melbourne City Landmarks - Historical Images

Description of Use Used to map images, coordinates, get date of image, name of building and description of building.

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