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Mangesh Gopale and 2 other members with unpublished profiles.

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The idea is with help of Governement, Communities and Organisations , Provide the capability for public at risk to get notified of the emergency Event nearby and Help them navigate to nearest Safe Zone. Also Provide capability for the Emergency Department to assess the impact of the incident with respect to number of People at risk and View of the Evacuation Procedure to better manage Emergency and save more lives.

The Platform serves the Civilians and Admins , Civilians use the Platform and Mobile Application to get the nearest location of the Safe Zones in the event of Emergency.

Platform Provides API layer to Councils / Community Group / Organisations to enrol the Safezone which they can Manage. SafeZone can be enrolled to have different characteristics like capacity , type of Event it can handle.

Platform provides Web Layer to the Emergency Department to better manage the incident by providing view of the Civilians at risk in the Incident Zone , Civilians in the SafeZone etc.

Data Story

We have used the Data from following Systems to come up with the domain model
- QLDTraffic GeoJSON API
- Vic Emergency Data
- Pedestrian / Vehicle Count from LiverPool City / Melbourne City
- Google Map APIs

We need to add data for safe Zones across the city, and availability of safe zones will be decided based on the event type, location of the incident and intensity and civilian count.

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Team DataSets

Urban vegetation Cover

Data Set

Greater Sydney Region Urban Vegetation Cover to Modified Mesh Block 2016

Data Set

Air Quality Index

Data Set


Data Set

Crash data from Queensland roads

Data Set

Air Quality Monitoring - Live data feed

Data Set

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