Data Analysis in Cold Blood

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The Kwelamen

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1 member with an unpublished profile.

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The story of my failed attempt to find an amazeballs solution for Casey's Crash Challenge

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Summary population data extracted
Crash Data analysed and results presetned

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Various downloads from TableBuilder PRo

Description of Use Analysis of community profiles to find correlations of crashes with age, migration and other factors

Data Set

VicRoads AADT

Description of Use Used in the calculation of crash rates

Data Set

VicRoads Crash Data 5 Years

Description of Use Analysed data to find crash numbers and rates in Casey and other LGAs

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Telling Stories with Data(.Vic)

Accessing any of the datasets on data.vic, this challenge asks participants to extract and tell stories from data. Alternatively how might we facilitate citizens’ own inquiries and investigations via the Victorian Government Open Data Portal?

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